Tents For Troops, a Washington-based non-profit that has offered free RV park and camping sites to active duty military personal for over eight years, is looking for more parks to join its program.

The Tents for Troops program started with just one single park, Toutle River RV Resort in Castle Rock, Wash., and has now grown to include RV parks and campgrounds across 48 states.

The program is seeking RV parks and campgrounds that are interested in hosting a travel trailer, which will be loaned out to active duty military personal for free. The demographic of people that utilize the program typically is younger military families, according to a press release, and the program is hoping to find RV parks that are child friendly, with amenities for children.

Once a park is approved Tents For Troops will send a travel trailer to the park. The organization will then provide everything needed to outfit the trailer, such as cookware, dishes, board games, camp chairs, a cooler, etc.

U.S Warranty Corp. has offered zero deductible, long-term extended warranties for these trailers. The partner park would be responsible for “loaning” the travel trailers out to active duty military members for 2-7 days for free. Most of the travel trailers will be new, there are also used travel trailers in good condition.

Park owners will collect a $100 deposit, $35 of which will be non-refundable to help cover propane, utilities and other cost. Through prior experience troops usually leave the units spotless, according to the press release, but if they do not, park owners may keep the full deposit.

Parks will be allowed to rent out the trailers when they are not in use by military guest, with 50% of this income going to the partner park and the other 50% going to Tents For Troops to help fund the program.

Charlie Curry, founder of Tents For Troops, said that the organization is still working on some details of the program, but should have the details done soon.

Drop-ins are not allowed, nor are electronic reservations. If your park is already a Tent For Troops member or a new park wishing to join Tents For Troops, please call 503-425-9105.

This is a long-term program, so if a park wants a travel trailer and Tents For Troops doesn’t have one available now, the organization may have one available next year.

To learn more about the program visit their website at tentsfortroops.org.