Click here to watch a video about the following story courtesy of KRIS-TV, Corpus Christi, Texas.

The city of Beeville in South Texas is now admitting it made an error when it allowed an RV park to be built in a residential neighborhood.

In March, KRIS-TV spoke with resident Diane Slayton who was not happy about the site built behind her house.

The project was halted after a review of the zoning laws showed that the construction of an RV park in the area violated a city ordinance.

After two lawsuits were filed, the city sided with the developers instead of citizens.

Interim City Manager Deborah Balli said, “We had already been notified that if we didn’t reach some type of agreeable settlement, that we would definitely be sued by the developers of the RV park. So it was kind of like, we took a look at what was before us on the table and the best interest of the city, from a legal standpoint and financial standpoint, that this was the best course that we could come up with.”

Slayton has told the TV station, “My question is this, if the city doesn’t have to follow the ordinance, why do the citizens? It’s always the citizens that end up having to follow the ordinance because if not then you get fined. But how do you fine City Hall?”

Since the city decided to side with the developers, residents could still file a lawsuit against the city.