Homeowners in Freeport, Texas, will not have to worry about a recreational vehicle park popping up next door after elected officials amended an ordinance banning their operation in residential areas, according to The Facts, Clute, Texas.

The city council unanimously approved a measure Monday (April 5) restricting RV parks to areas of the city zoned commercial. No one inside the sparsely filled council chambers spoke against the change.

Residents’ quality of life factored into the decision, Mayor Larry McDonald said.

“Some of these RV parks, they have generators and things of this nature that run because there is no electricity available and are kind of noisy,” McDonald said. “We don’t want to have that up against a residence that’s next door or just on the other side of the fence that has people trying to sleep.”

RV parks are developments for travel trailers to stay temporarily, or up to 30 days, with the exception of a structure for a manager or operator, according to the ordinance.

Mobile home parks, which are lots providing space for structures to stay for longer periods, are not affected by the measure, city officials said.

Freeport is home to one RV park, which is near Highway 288 and Yellowstone Street, McDonald said. It is in an area zoned commercial and will not be affected by the change.

City Manager Jeff Pynes said the ordinance amendment was an attempt to guide the city going forward.

“We’re just trying to make sure that when we put in a business, it fits well within our community,” Pynes said. “If you don’t pre-plan for these things, than you have a free-for-all and create problems, not only for a business owner, but also for our residents.”

The ordinance change also lays out guidelines for RV park operation.

“This, in essence, is an attempt to look out for everyone’s interest,” Pynes said.

It requires RV parks to have parking in designated areas, a water supply for fighting fires and a sewer disposal system. It also states the RV park cannot store hazardous chemicals.

“I think this is a pretty positive thing,” McDonald said.