City officials in San Benito, Texas, have temporarily suspended charging RV parks a monthly base water fee that Winter Texans have argued violated a state law, an official said Wednesday (March 7).

Assistant City Manager Chuck Jalomo said Wednesday the $10 fee is suspended pending a final decision by the City Commission on whether the city will charge mobile homes and fixed RVs, which is allowed under the state law, The Brownsville Herald reported.

Park managers and Winter Texans have argued the city ordinance that was passed in October violates a state law prohibiting cities from charging water fees to RV sites, whether occupied or not.

But cities can charge water fees to mobile homes and permanently tied-down RVs, Victor Garza, a member of the city’s utility board, said.

The matter is not resolved, Bonnie Dominguez, manager of Fun N Sun RV Resort, said. “There’s still a lot of gray area to clarify.”

Under the original ordinance, Fun N Sun was charged $14,000 a month for its 1,400 sites.

“We want to be fair across the board,” Garza said.

Garza said officials are now trying to determine the number of mobile homes and permanently tied down RVs within the city limits that will be subject to the new ordinance.

Officials said they decided to charge the monthly $10 base water fee to help ease the burden of rising water rates from single-home owners.

Since 2004, the city has raised water rates to help pay a $28.4 million debt that stems from water and sewer improvements.