Haunted Hills Campground, located just outside of Glen Rose, Texas, promises visitors a frightening experience, according to the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.

Cortni and Josh Davidson moved to Glen Rose in May from Austin and run the Halloween event.

“The area had a little of everything that we were looking for and we wanted a place that we could start this campground project,” Cortni said about the couple’s move to Glen Rose.

The family started the haunted house in their backyard in Austin for fun and for charity.

“We had grown men that refused to go through with their wives and I had to tell my husband to stop being so scary because people wouldn’t come back the next year,” said Cortni.

The family enjoys Halloween and they found that this project was something they could all do together and enjoy. Molly, their oldest daughter does the makeup for the actors involved in the production.

“We have theater students from a local high school who participate and that was important to us to include the community,” said Cortni. “I homeschool so history is a big part of our lives. My uncle told me stories of the moonshiners and we started thinking, hey what about a haunted campground and I posted it on my personal Facebook page and everyone loved the idea.”

The tour is called “The Ole Moonshiners last Run” and it involves a haunted hayride and haunted walking trails that feature an old west ghost town, props featuring prohibition era and other scary setups.

The haunted campout is called “Dusk till Dawn.” This attraction is for overnight campers.

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