Emotions were strong last week as residents of the Plum Creek RV Park in Kyle, Texas, begged Kyle City Council members not to take away their homes by having them removed through a rezoning process, the Hays Free Press reported.

PGI Investments owns the 47.74 acres at 24800 Interstate 35 where the RV Park is located. The developers now want the property rezoned Retail Services (RS) on 37.37 acres and Recreational Vehicle Park District (RV) on 10.37 acres, from its current designation of agriculture.

Several RV park residents implored council members during the citizen comment period to not “take our homes away.”

With tears in their eyes, the residents told stories of financial struggle and personal disabilities that would hinder their survival should council decide to rezone the property.

A visibly upset and nervous resident, who begged the council for the right to remain at the property, had a seizure during the citizen comment period, prompting Mayor Lucy Johnson to call for a recess while first responders assessed the situation.

Once the chaos settled, City Manager Lanny Lambert took the stage and lambasted the developers, saying that they stirred strong emotions from the residents aimed at council, which in his opinion were directed at the wrong body.

“Apparently someone has told the people that live (at the Plum Creek RV Park) that the city of Kyle is trying to kick them out of their homes. That’s the interpretation that I’ve gotten from this discussion,” Lambert said. “I want the community and people that live there to know that couldn’t be farthest from the case. This is a zoning request from the developer who bought this land, who wants to put in a truck travel center, or travel center, at the intersection of Yarrington Road and (IH) 35.”

According to the rezoning request, the developers want to move the RV park north on the property, to allow for a proposed truck stop and truck service center to be located on the 37.37 acres where the park is currently located. The developers also would put retail on the outer edge facing IH-35.

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