A meeting was held Tuesday (Oct. 2) in Fulton, Texas, to discuss rezoning a 9.2-acre piece of land so that a developer can build a new RV park, according to the Rockport Pilot.

“I’m here to bring some progress to this city,” said Raul Ruvalcaba, the project’s developer. “I don’t want to do anything wrong. I bought the property so all my sons and friends had a spot. If possible to do without rezoning, I’ll do it.”

Fulton Mayor Jimmy Kendrick said the property did have to be rezoned to be an RV park.

He said one concern is bringing RVs on the property, which can’t be inspected and driven on the highway.

“They become tent houses,” said Kendrick.

Ruvalcaba said the RVs will be nice. He also noted plans call for adding septic systems on the property.

Fulton Director of Building Codes & Facilities Johnny Davis said Ruvalcaba will have to work with Aransas County officials in regard to the septic systems and will need to have drainage plans approved.

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