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Medical Center RV Resort in Houston, Texas, provides long-term medical patients with a cheaper place to stay during treatments.

Editor’s Note: To avoid confusion, WOODALLSCM.com would like to clarify that the Terry Broussard mentioned in this story is not the same Terry Broussard who is the CEO of Spot2Nite. 

After being diagnosed with cancer, Terry Broussard’s doctor urged him to receive chemotherapy treatments once a week for 12 weeks at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

But living four-and-a-half hours away in Louisiana meant Broussard would either have to drive every week to Houston, which was something he didn’t want to have to do, or find an affordable place to stay in Houston, which proved to be easier said than done.

Even motel rooms in Houston can cost close to $200 or more per night, he said, when hotel taxes are factored in, hotels can easily cost $300 or more. Then Broussard discovered a much more affordable option: Medical Center RV Resort, an 18-month-old RV park that caters to people seeking treatment from the MD Anderson Cancer Center and other nearby medical facilities. So, Broussard went back to his home in Louisiana, picked up his trailer and drove back to Houston, using the Medical Center RV Resort as his base camp while he undergoes his chemotherapy treatments.

“Last month I paid $557 to stay at the park (for the whole month), including electricity,” Broussard said. “A motel will cost you that in two days.”

Medical Center RV Resort has filled its 185 RV sites by catering to people like Broussard, who come to Houston for cancer treatments and other medical care but need an affordable place to stay.

“Hotels here are really expensive. So if you have to stay here for months on end, the costs can be pretty drastic,” said Bobby Holland, Medical Center RV Resort’s general manager. He said hotel and motel prices are high because of Houston’s many attractions, which include the Astrodome, the Museum of Natural Science, the Museum of Fine Arts and Space Center Houston.

Medical Center RV Resort has kept busy by offering affordable RV sites, primarily for people seeking medical treatment in Houston. While many come to Houston seeking treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center, others come for treatment at UT Health; Baylor College of Medicine and Houston Methodist Hospital.

“Our clientele is probably 80 percent medical patients. Another 10 percent are here for work reasons, and another 10 percent are travelers,” Holland said, adding that the park also has a couple of students from Rice University.

Most RVers who come for medical treatment stay from three to six months at a time, Holland said, adding that many guests have to come back for follow-up treatments. Medical Center RV Resort provides a free shuttle service several times a day to take patients to nearby medical facilities.

Medical Center RV Resort in Houston,

The Medical Center RV Resort in Houston, Texas, has been quite busy since opening 18 months ago. This photo shows the resort right before it opened.

Medical Center RV Resort has other amenities, too.

“We have a hot tub that will be finished soon. We also have a laundry room, a little workout room, and a break room area for our guests,” Holland said.

The park also has a bathhouse with six private shower and bathroom facilities, so guests can have privacy. Other amenities include a manmade lake for catch-and-release fishing.

“We’re thinking about creating a mini golf course around the lake,” Holland said.

Medical Center RV Resort is a quiet park.

“We are very strict on quiet hours,” Holland said. “We have a night patrol that drives around.”

Broussard, for his part, likes being able to keep his costs down by staying in his trailer at Medical Center RV Resort, where he can also cook his own meals.

“This place has helped me a lot,” he said.