Texas development

Engineer Hani Tohme and Project Manager Tara Oney speak this week to the Groves City Council. (Monique Batson/The News)

An RV park planned to meet an expected industrial boom in Jefferson and Orange counties should begin construction next month, following final approval this week from the Groves (Texas) City Council, according to The News.

Lady Luck RV Resort, a joint project between EDHJ Investments and A2Z Global Construction, will be built on 5.62 acres near the intersection of Texas 73 and Texas 87.

On Monday (June 6), councilmembers voted 3-2 to amend the Specific Use Permit previously granted regarding the width, depth and square footage requirement for each recreational vehicle space; allowing the spaces to be built at a minimum width of 21 feet and 3 inches, a minimum depth of 106 feet and 1 inch, and contain a minimum of 2,049 square feet in space.

The current ordinance requires 30 feet in width.

Tara Oney, project manager with A2Z Global Construction, said the planned spaces would be 108 feet long with a 30-feet opening at the street. Because they are built as parallelograms instead of rectangles, the spaces appear narrower.

“As we designed it, it met their original ordinance,” Oney said.

Oney said the spaces at Lady Luck RV Resort will be some of the largest in the area, and each space will include a backyard area for the tenant, as well as areas of grass between each concrete slot.

They have also planned for a children’s playground, dog park, swimming pool, laundromat, restrooms, a barbecue area, a privacy fence and 24-hour security.

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