TXAD Internet Services is continuing to bring private parks into 21st Century online communications with both new and newly designed websites.

The company’s newest websites include www.bishopslanding.net, the website for Bishop’s Landing in Willis, Texas; www.quailspringsrvpark.com, the website for Quail Springs RV Park in Uvalde, Texas; and www.veniceonthelake.com, which is being used to market Venice on the Lake in Lake Conroe, Texas.

“With Bishops Landing, we went with a more simplified site and earthy tones along with a rustic background to invoke nature,” said Chris Brailsford, senior web developer for TXAD Internet Services.

The 41-acre, 130-site Park has five log cabins with master bedrooms and large sleeping lofts as well as six waterfront cottages. The park has 2,000 feet of shoreline property.

Johnny Smith, manager and owner of Quail Springs RV Park, said he opted to hire TXAD Internet Services to develop a new website after having trouble with another website managed by another company. He said he is pleased with the new website provided by TXAD Internet Services.

“For Quail Springs RV Park, we wanted to create something modern with contrasting colors to highlight the navigation,” Brailsford said. “The main focus was on the beautiful typography and aiming to make it readable and inviting to anyone searching for information quickly.”

Quail Springs RV Park has 83 sites and a 3,000-square-foot recreation hall that is available for Winter Texan use from October through mid-April. The park also has non-denominational church services during the Winter Texan season.

Venice on the Lake, for its part, also has a new site. “We created the logo for branding purposes, which is meant to invoke the essence of Venice, Italy, with its canals,” Brailsford said. “The site features sleek dropdown navigation for tablets and smartphones.”

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