Solar Eclipse

Parks across the U.S. are selling out in preparation for the solar eclipse. Credit: Shutterstock

The total solar eclipse will reach Texas in less than two weeks and many people are traveling to Texas just to watch this miracle in the sky, according to KBTX.

KBTX spoke with RV parks who have noticed an increase in bookings as the solar eclipse attracts travelers.

The owner of Lost Oaks RV Park in Robertson County, Arthur Hopkins, says in the past six months he’s received hundreds of calls from potential eclipse travelers.

“I could’ve filled my RV park probably two or three times over,” said Hopkins.

Hopkins says interest started over a year ago.

“February or March of 2023 was the first time that somebody booked one of my RV’s that we use for vacation rentals. I couldn’t understand why they booked a year in advance and that was the first time I understood ‘Oh there’s an eclipse next year,’” said Hopkins.

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