The plat for Belmont Park Estates, an RV park being developed by Belmont, Texas, resident Richard Walker, is good to go.

Gonzales County Commissioners approved the plat during their meeting Monday morning (July 11), The Gonzales Inquirer reported.

“The operation looks good,” Constable Raleigh Measom said.

“One question I’ve got is on the 911 address,” said commissioner Donnie Brzozowski. “If somebody gets a driveway permit, will you get the 911 address now or are they having to call to get it?”

“Golden Crescent is doing some of them,” Constable Raleigh Measom said. “I’m doing some of them as well. If they pull it off the Internet and then call, since we have our meeting with Golden Crescent, people’s response is 100% better. Things are coming together quickly.”

Measom also expressed concerns over the parking situation on the west side of the Belmont Social Club, in particular potential accidents that could occur once the RV park is completed.

“This is a situation that is only getting worse,” Measom said.

“I know you have been getting calls from people saying they were afraid there was going to be an accident. When the club is full, there are cars parked on both sides of that highway. I worry there could be an accident.”

Measom also informed commissioners that he felt this did not in any way interfere with the plat for the RV park.

“Since this is a state highway, TxDot should do something about this,” Measom said after the meeting. “I think it would be a good idea for them to build a parking lot.”