Editor’s Note: Pam LeBlanc,a writer for the Austin (Texas) American-Statesman, recently went camping at the Possum Kingdom State Park, which had been ravaged by a wildfire in April. Excerpts from her report follow. To read her account click here.

Texas Visions of smoldering ruins and soot-covered marsupials drifting through my head, I nearly scrapped plans for a visit to Possum Kingdom State Park when I heard that April wildfires burned 90% of the place.

Yet here I am, floating on my back in a glorious water-filled alcove at the North Texas park, soaking up sun and marveling at the lack of crowds.

Yes, fires scorched all but about 200 of the park’s 1,528 acres when they swept through. But the park’s campgrounds, cabins, marina and swimming area were mostly unscathed.

Apparently the word’s not out about that, because only a handful of people are here today.