The Gonzales City Council in Gonzales, Texas, has adopted a policy for renting its RV spaces at J.B. Wells Park and Independence Park.

The policy, which was drafted after questions were raised by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) when complaints were lodged about long-term stays alleged to be an abuse of the park that was intended for recreational use only, states that RVs at J.B. Wells can stay for as long as a month at a time. On the other hand, RVs at Independence Park are limited to two-week stays, the Gonzales Inquirer reported.

City Manager Allen Barnes told the council about a discussion he had with Dana Lagarde from the TPWD regarding usage of the RV spaces when J.B. Wells hosts major events, such as the Texas Junior High Rodeo Association State Finals.

“She was satisfied with that, and she asked if we had any policy in writing, and I said we did not. We discussed for a period various policies from doing long-term rentals for an extended period of time, short-term rentals, two-week periods, check in, check out,” Barnes said.

“We finally kinda hit on some common ground in which what we’re proposing is that the rentals be month to month, [and] we assess each month the number of spots that we need for the upcoming events out at J.B. Wells. If we need spots, we tell [the RV renters], ‘you need to move.’ If we don’t need spots, we allow them to essential check back in immediately with no moving of their RVs,” he told the council.

Barnes said Lagarde mentioned that Independence Park was also previously a Parks and Recreation’s grant many years ago, and that he told her it is used for short-term RVing. “We try to keep people there less than two weeks. We’re proposing the same policy we have – there two weeks, gone at least 24 hours and then come back for another two weeks if that’s what they want to do.”

The city council unanimously approved the resolution.