Pelland Advertising and The Campground Connection have announced the launch of two new responsive websites for The Campground Connection, a full service, voice to voice consulting and marketing company exclusive to the campground, RV park and resort sectors, according to a press release.

The two new sites, PremiumCampgrounds.com and StarterCampgrounds.com target growing niche markets within the family campground sectors, one featuring campgrounds that are priced under $600,000 and the other featuring campgrounds that are priced at over $2 million.

Based in Grandville, Mich., The Campground Connection is the largest listing service for campgrounds and related properties in the U.S. and beyond. the release states. The company provides a full package of confidential, professional marketing tools for campground sellers, brokers, and buyers.

“Starter campgrounds and RV parks are well suited for the first-time buyer for many reasons but most importantly, the price is affordable to get you started in the business,” said Dick DeWard, CEO of The Campground Connection. “On the other hand, premium RV resorts are the deluxe option. They are high-end RV resorts that include all the bells and whistles and can accommodate the biggest of RV’s.

“They have clubhouses, fitness centers, convenience stores, cafes, deluxe patio sites, swimming pools, paved roads, over the top bathhouses, special events, entertainment, and more,” he added. “Premium RV parks are just a little step down from the resort option. They offer some of the amenities that the RV resorts have, but with a lower price per site fee.”

After developing the company’s original website ten years ago, Pelland Advertising built a new mobile-friendly site with added functionality for The Campground Connection in 2015. That site, relying heavily upon custom database programming, has been continually enhanced and is now joined by the two new sites, the release states.

“If you perform a Google search for the term ‘campgrounds for sale,’ The Campground Connection has dominated the first and second positions of the organic (non-paid) search results,” said Peter Pelland, CEO of Pelland Advertising. “We are hoping that the two new sites, with their distinct content, will help The Campground Connection to further command that search presence.”

Visit The Campground Connection online at www.thecampgroundconnection.com, or call them at (616) 532-4835 to learn more about the company’s services.