The Campground Connection The Campground Connection will be hosting a Campground Buyers Workshop in Myrtle Beach, S.C, on  Feb. 4, and Feb. 5 in conjunction with the Carolinas Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds’ Expo and Conference.

This industry-specific workshop will educate participants on the ins and outs of purchasing a campground and give them the tools needed for a successful purchase, noted a press release.

Guest speakers will cover all the steps to a successful sale.

  • Bruce Hurta, of Ameris Bank, will highlight lending information including down payments, types of loans, credit scores, preparing business plans and income projections will be covered by guest speaker Bruce Hurta, of Ameris Bank.
  • Donna Bordeaux, with Campground Accounting, will cover allocation of purchase price, depreciation and prorations.
  • Dick and Marilyn DeWard, with The Campground Connection, will share how to value campgrounds, due diligence and the asset purchase agreement.

The entire venue will be a hub of knowledge that participants can tap into, states the release. Mingle with campground owners, industry professionals and vendors all under one roof.

For more information, contact Marilyn DeWard at 616-430-2636. Click here to register for the workshop.