Mark Polk

Author and RV video producer Mark Polk, founder of RV Education 101, today (June 25) announced surpassing another milestone after having sold over 53,000 copies of “The RV Book.” Since its inception in early in 2006 “The RV Book” has gone through four revisions and seven printings.

“After the book sold 40,000 copies my long-range goal was to sell 50,000 copies. We achieved that goal in 2019. We probably have enough inventory in stock for the remainder of 2021 and I am working on the eighth print edition of The RV Book now,” Polk said.

Dawn Polk, co- owner and sales and marketing director, added that, “T’he RV Book” is marketed and sold through the Education 101 websites, RV dealerships, and three top retailers: Camping World, Gander RV & Outdoors and Amazon. Mark Polk has authored two other paperback books and 14 e-books on every RV topic from buying an RV, to using and maintaining the systems onboard an RV.

Randy White, of Rousseau’s RV Center, Lakeville, Mass., stated, “Here at Rousseau’s RV we find that our customers want to understand how their RV works and how to protect their investment for the long term. The RV book, by RV Education 101 is a great source of knowledge, spelling out the details in layman’s terms for easy understanding. I think anyone that owns an RV should be required to read chapter 6 explaining the basic operation of all the mechanical systems in a typical RV. Additionally, many people new to RVs picked up a copy to not only familiarize themselves with what is involved in owning an RV but also to help them decide what they really need for their planned usage. This book is a solid gem of knowledge every RVer should own!”

“The RV Book” by Mark Polk

The Polks felt there was not enough emphasis placed on properly educating RV consumers on the complexities of owning and operating an RV.

“Buying an RV is a major investment and a new RV owner is overwhelmed when first starting out,” Mark Polk said. “What type of RV is right for me? How do I tow or drive an RV? How do I safely use an RV? How do I take care of my new RV? I organized all my writings into a logical sequence to write The RV Book, thus simplifying  the entire process of RV ownership. I just never imagined the book would be so successful. I remember our first printing was 500 copies, and at the time I thought that was a lot of books.”

Officials with “Rollin’ On TV” the longtime RV lifestyle program, had this to say: “‘Rollin’ On TV’ always strives to bring you the highest quality educational, entertaining, and informative material, both on TV and on-line. That is why we partnered with RV Education 101 more than 3 years ago. Mark’s videos and articles have been a strong part of our website and social media since then. There are many so-called RV experts out there and you may or may not receive the right answers for your situation. The more we learned about Mark’s background the more we were convinced that this was the right company for us to work with regarding RV Education! If you want to learn from the pros in this RV industry, we highly recommend you look at the collections offered by RV Education 101.”

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