As of Monday (Oct. 23), Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in Redding, Calif., has discontinued the use of the fee boxes at Brandy Creek Beach, Brandy Creek Marina, Brandy Creek RV campground, Whiskey Creek and Oak Bottom.

According to KRCRTV, Chief Ranger Dave Keltner said it’s been an issue for awhile, but the thefts have increased in recent months. Keltner said he doesn’t want the money that should be going to the park, getting into the wrong hands.

“They are stealing out of the boxes and they are using the money they are stealing to buy methamphetamines and other drugs and we don’t want to support that in this community,” Keltner said.

Typically, 80% of the fees collected by park staff go back into Whiskeytown for things such as restrooms, trailheads and boat ramps.

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