Thetford Corp. has announced it is bringing to market a new holding tank treatment that, according to company officials, satisfies the recently enacted California law that bans 13 chemicals such as formaldehyde and bronopol in such products.

Andy Bialorucki, Thetford’s director of marketing and aftermarket sales, said the product, which is called AquaBio, is safe for septic systems while at the same time eliminates odor and digests waste.

“We’re excited to be launching AquaBio,” Bialorucki said. “It addresses all the latest and most recent environmental guidelines and restrictions, primarily starting in California, which is outlawing 13 different ingredients that can be commonly found in RV holding tank deodorants. Two of the biggest ones that are commonly used in RV deodorants are formaldehyde and bronopol, and this chemistry does not have any of those 13 ingredients.”

California’s new law, which was signed Sept. 26, and goes into effect Jan. 1, 2022, was supported by a variety of organizations including the CampCalNow RV Park and Campground Alliance (CampCalNOW).

Dyana Kelley, president of CalCalNow, said the legislation becoming law was a “major victory not only for California campgrounds, but for the environment and for our groundwater supplies. Our campground members were being held responsible for costly testing and penalties when groundwater was shown to have dangerous levels of chemicals from these products.”

Kelley expects other states to follow California’s lead and pursue similar legislation.

“Our chemists have been working on this for a very long time and doing a lot of testing and have formulated this new product, AquaBio, to address the latest concerns in California. We’re launching it to the entire United States and Canada and will begin shipping to distributors in February,” Bialorucki said.

“AquaBio is more effective than our EcoSmart product line and will eventually take its place,” he continued. “It will be priced very competitively. The main benefit for the consumer is that it will give them peace of mind so wherever they go, whether they’re RVing in California or elsewhere, and there’s concerns or restrictions about what can I use to dump into the holding tanks and dump at the campgrounds, AquaBio is compliant with those latest regulations.”

AquaBio will be available in early February, and comes in a variety of liquid and dry solutions, Bialorucki mentioned.

“We recognize the consumer has preferences for all different types of delivery systems, liquids and dry, so we’re offering it in a six-pack of 8-ounce liquids, a 32-ounce bottle, half gallon and gallon. For dry, we’re offering it in the tear-open packets and the Toss-Ins, which have become very convenient, are being offered in a 16-count zipper pouch and — something entirely new for us. — we’re also offering Toss-Ins in a 30-count tub,” he said.