The National Park Service inducted three new national park sites — Pullman National Monument in Chicago, Illinois, Honouliuli National Monument in Hawaii, and Browns Canyon National Monument in Colorado, the National Park Foundation said in an announcement.

Pullman National Monument is Chicago’s first national park and helps tell an important part of our American story. Built in the 1880s as an industrial town for the Pullman Company, the historic district highlights both the promise of American opportunity and the struggles for civil rights and fair labor standards. Read the press release to learn more.

Honouliuli National Monument is the site of an internment camp where Japanese American citizens, resident immigrants, and prisoners of war were held captive during World War II.

These two historically significant sites are joined by Browns Canyon National Monument, a natural site of extraordinary beauty with world-class recreational opportunities that attract visitors from around the globe.

Also at a ceremony Thursday (Feb. 19), President Barack Obama announced a new initiative titled “Every Kid In A Park”, which aims to help 4 million young people visit our national parks and public lands during the upcoming National Park Service Centennial in 2016. The National Park Foundation is helping to lead this effort in many ways, including through the Open Outdoors for Kids initiative that has helped thousands of kids visit and learn from our national parks who would otherwise never have the opportunity to do so.