CampgroundViews, CampLife, and campersAPP will combine complementary technology services to offer parks one-stop shopping and discounts at the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds’ (ARVC) 2019 Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo (OHCE), held in Knoxville, Tenn., from Nov. 4-7, according to a press release.

The three companies see an opportunity to transform the expo experience for attendees, with each not only demonstrating the individual technology of each company, but also showing how the technology can function in partnership with the other companies at the booth, states the release.

“Park operators can come away from the expo with a plan to help fill their park, make operations easy, and delight guests so they can’t wait to return,” said the release. “Anyone who signs up for service with all three providers will get significant discounts.”

“Campground operators often require a variety of systems to run their parks efficiently,” said Heather Gere, co-founder of campersAPP. “What if the companies that provided the services you use to run your campground actually talked to each other, to integrate and coordinate work? Imagine how much extra time and energy that would create for park staff.”

The trio will be grouped together at the expo in the Sponsor Pavilion, giving park operators a look at technologies like: 360-degree video tours of campgrounds and sites; tailored reservation software for park staff and guest use; and a guest experience app that includes a marketplace to match RV travelers with compatible sites nearby.

Some new features and services are being kept secret until the show, but campersAPP co-founder and CTO Travis Gere is confident the unveiling of new technology will “draw crowds and blow people’s minds.”

“Our three businesses provide a technical suite of services that encompass the entire camper journey and simplifies life for everyone involved,” said Mark Koep, founder and CEO of Campground Views. “We help guests find client parks, book sites and services, get all of the communication they need for a smooth check-in, have an incredible in-park experience, and make return visits a breeze. Park owners are happy and relaxed because occupancy, efficiency, and profits go up, and they aren’t constantly trying to ‘learn a new system,’ or ‘figure out marketing.’”

CampLife, CampgroundViews, and campersAPP were all founded by husband-and-wife teams who RV, and the businesses exist to enhance outdoor hospitality as experienced by guests and by park staff, according to the release.

CampLife started out as Campground Automation Systems in 2006, CampgroundViews launched in 2010, and campersAPP was established in 2015.

“We’re a friendly collective, united by a commitment to create dependable relationships,” said Tyler Duffy, president of CampLife. “As we talked to each other about our plans for OHCE, we realized we could partner up to deliver tremendous value to campgrounds. We’ve taken the time to understand what each of our businesses offers and how we can work together for park success, so when someone stops by any of our booths, we can build a comprehensive plan for them.”

The companies will each offer a special discount to parks who sign up for service with all three providers while at OHCE, notes the release.