Less than 20 residents of Indian Acres, a campground in southern Cecil County, Md., remain out of compliance with an agreement signed five years ago ordering them to find permanent housing elsewhere.

Cecil County Director of Planning and Zoning Eric Sennstrom said that was the number remaining last week out of 91 “funstead lot” owners found to be living in the campground year-round when the order and five-year transition period was given.

“It’s encouraging that so many have found housing,” he said, noting the situation has been going on for nearly 30 years. Last year at this time, campground records showed 52 people still living as full-time residents in the campground.

The zoning dispute erupted more than 13 years ago when Cecil County’s Department of Planning and Zoning notified about 400 of the camp’s 1,500 funstead owners that they were violating county zoning regulations that don’t allow people to live full-time in a campground.

The campground zoning is only for seasonal use and the county enacted a 150-day-per-year limit for occupants of the park in 1993. An amendment limiting the number of consecutive days for occupancy to 100 days was added in 2007.

The remaining violators will have to go to court.

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