Bruce Ray Jones got the OK to build a six-site RV park on three acres he owns near Rockingham, N.C.

The Richmond County Planning and Zoning Board of Adjustments voted 6-1 on Tuesday (Sept. 11) to let Jones move ahead with the development, the Rockingham County Daily Journal reported.

Jones has purchased the property, which is to be subdivided into six RV spaces near the front of the property. The rear portion of the property is being divided for a single family dwelling. Jones said he has been transferred to work at the Progress Energy power complex in Richmond County, and will be living on the land he has purchased for the RV park.

Although approved, there was opposition to the plans by surrounding landowners, some of whom no longer live in the county.

“There were a couple of people from the neighborhood at the meeting,” said Planning Director James Armstrong. “A man named Vincent Robinson spoke against the park for his mother. I also got an e-mail from a person named Loretta Holloway that I submitted to the board. She was also in opposition. She lives in Missouri but wants to come back to retire and build a home and was concerned about the park lowering her property value.”

“I can understand anybody’s concerns about this, but we’re doing it all by the books and we’re going to keep it nice and clean and we’ll be living on the property,” said Jones. “The RVs will be in front of us, we’ll be living behind them, so we’re not going to let anything get out of hand.”

The planning board also heard a request by Travel Resorts of America on Sycamore Lane in Derby to rezone its large RV park from Agricultural-Residential to Community Commercial.

Armstrong said the board recommend the rezoning to the Richmond County Board of Commissioners, which would then amend the official Richmond County Zoning Map at its next board meeting in October.