Bev Weber of Hastings, Neb., and her husband, Paul, were at an RV show Sunday (Jan. 25) looking for a camper as a way to spend more time with their family, the Hastings Tribune reported.

Weber said her daughter and son-in-law purchased a popup camper after they were married. Bev and Paul stayed with the young couple a few times. Now that the couple has a few children, Bev said she is eager to get a camper of her own.

“We would like to buy a small camper and meet them places and camp with the grandkids and do a little fishing with the grandkids,” she said. “You have to do those things when you’re a grandparent.”

Bev hasn’t looked at new campers in many years and was surprised by the “homey-ness” of today’s recreational vehicles.

“I just can’t imagine,” she said, looking around the inside of one RV Sunday. “You even have TV. Years ago when I was growing up, we used to do a little camping. We never had TV or anything.”

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