Four of 14 mobile homes were destroyed and three of 20 RVs during Tuesday night’s (May 24) tornado at the Long Bay Marina at Fort Gibson Lake, Okla. Powers lines also were knocked over and dragged across the ground, KOKI-TV, Fox 23, Tulsa, reported.

Again, and again – you see the devastation spread across this side of the Long Bay Marina. The tornado chewed up and spit out these mobile homes and RVs.

“It’s just totally devastating last night,” says friend of a resident who lives here, Frankie Stacy. “I called my buddy about 9:30 last night. Told him to get out. But his phone didn’t work, it’s terrible.”

There was only one man staying here when it hit, he is ok but as you can see his truck and his porch is not ok. Trees shot through the window and collapsed on the roof of the porch. Thankfully no one was here, and the Red Cross has actually moved out of here and to other parts of the state because there wasn’t a need for them in the area.

The owner of this 40-acre marina, Chris Sinor, feels blessed the storm did not hit today, when Memorial Day visitors arrive to celebrate.

“We got three that were totaled,” says Sinor. “If it happened three days from now, it would have been a lot more than three totaled and people in the trailers.”

“This is one of the three RVs, destroyed. The owners, I’m told, should be on their way to clean it up. The owner of the marina tells me, the north side of the lake should be up and running for vistors this holiday weekend, but this side of the lake will have crews cleaning up over the next few days.