There’s been a lot of clean up at the Roadrunner RV Park on the south side of Oklahoma City, Okla., but the fencing is still down, which is a problem because people have been walking up and taking things that don’t belong to them, television station KWTV reported.

Some people believe because the property of others is now in piles, it’s a free for all.

“Every night they were coming in every night. We had security, and they were still getting back there in the back,” said Ray Doonkeen, owner of the park which was hit by a tornado.

The owner said a few people have been arrested.

“What it is is they’re just people who live around here I guess, because all of our fencing is down. So, they were coming in from all different directions, and they come in walking,” continued Doonkeen.

There is security at the RV Park but at the time it was pitch black, the power wasn’t back up and running yet.

“They stole a lot of batteries, tires, some TV’s. One woman lost two TV’s,” said Doonkeen.

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