_userimg-logobhThe National Weather Service is calling the storm that struck Milton, Wis., this week a tornado, although it was a very weak one. 

Try telling that to Mary Jasper’s porch. 

Just after 8 p.m. Tuesday (June 23), a twister likely spun up over Clear Lake and hit the south shore of the lake at Blackhawk Campground, said Rusty Kapela, meteorologist with the National Weather Service. 

It ripped the screened-in porch neatly off Jasper’s trailer. The tornado lifted the porch over the roof and dumped it in a heap on the other side, according to the Janesville Gazette

It struck at about 8:08 p.m., according to reports from neighbors. 

No one was home or hurt in the incident, Jasper said. She had been playing bingo at the Empty Platter, a bar and restaurant on the campgrounds. 

“Nobody was hurt,” Jasper said. “That’s what’s important.” 

Even the siding and the windows on the trailer were left intact. 

Jasper, who lives in Indianpark, Ill., has spent summers in Blackhawk Campground for 25 years and owned the trailer for 10. 

Her trailer survived last year’s flooding. The high water forced out trailers closer to the water, Jasper said. 

But the five-minute storm was too much for the porch, Jasper said.