Oregon hotel and motel rooms in the path of the eclipse have been full for a couple years, but you and 30 to 40 others can rent a farm and stay in an RV for $35,000.

The Capital Press reported that depending of who you ask, every single hotel and motel room in Central Oregon was booked for two or three years in advance of next month’s total solar eclipse.

The state attorney general’s office has had to warn motels not to cancel reservations and reopen them at higher prices.

Farmers in the “path of totality” have opened fields to campers and are hoping to cash in. One who advertised in the Capital Press is asking $35,000 for Aug. 19-21 rental of a 1,000 acre farm with a pond, water slide, trampoline and hookups for 15 RVs.

Another is asking $150 a night for camping space with portable toilets. A third, in Idaho, offers use of a 20-foot fifth-wheel trailer for $1,000.

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