The landing Campground

The Landing Campground, along with other central New York parks, is expecting to be busy but remains cautious due to the COVID pandemic.

For Central New Yorkers traveling for Memorial Day, popular tourist spots are getting ready for a holiday weekend with fewer COVID-19 restrictions but some safety precautions will still be in place, according to CNY Central.

Susan Piccolo, the manager of the Landing Campground in Blossvale, on Oneida Lake north of Sylvan Beach, said they are already booked for Memorial Day weekend after missing out last summer.

“The campers have been getting excited since January or February,” Piccolo said. “I think we were all very excited that we would be coming out of the pandemic.”

Piccolo said as a smaller campground they are not worried about being overcrowded or having large gatherings. While they are excited to welcome folks back, they plan to keep safety as a priority.

“This year we have a bit more freedom. We’re still going to be cautious because we have people coming in from out of state and different areas. We’re still doing the activities where people would be close to each other on a much more cautious level,” said Piccolo.

If you head east to the scenic Lake George, they, too, are preparing for a busy summer of keeping folks safe while having fun.

Tourism Director in Lake George, Joanne Conley, said bookings are way up compared to last year and since there is so much to do outside, they don’t foresee crowds being a concern either.

“Perhaps in the village of Lake George or Bolton Landing there could be people on the streets that could be pretty close, but once you’re out on the water and hiking trails or paddling or white water rafting, space becomes less of an issue,” said Conley.

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