Hundreds of mudbogging fans are looking forward to this weekend’s Spring Fling at Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park in Granville, N.Y., the Post-Star reported.

Town Supervisor Matt Hicks is not one of them.

“We still have a lot of concerns that they have to address, starting with the disaster that was parking last year,” Hicks said Monday (March 28).

Hicks also said last year he felt park owner Ralph Jameson was violating the town’s campground ordinance.

“If you have a visitors, and they want to put their camper, RV or a tent in your yard, that’s fine under the ordinance,” Hicks said. “But for commercial camping, we are worried about water, sanitation and looking out for the public health.

“He is well aware of the fact that if he wants to have camping, he has to apply for a permit,” Hicks said. “The town is prepared to take stern action to make sure our laws are followed.

“They certainly ignored our rules in the past,” Hicks continued. “There are thousands of people coming and hundreds of people camping, and they refuse to apply for a campground permit.”

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