New book now available.

“Trailerama” is a celebration of the travel trailer’s unique place in 20th century America.

Written by Phil Noyes, the book provides a visual wonderland filled with fascinating and diverse imagery that will surprise the average reader, according to a news release promoting the new book.

From sheet music to greeting cards, postcards to Hollywood, the travel trailer figured prominently in 20th century American pop culture. It’s put on grand display in this kitschy celebration culled from the coffers of “Trailer Travel’s” Phil Noyes.

Noyes has been a television and film producer in Los Angeles for two decades, and produced a PBS special on the history of the RV in America called “Mobile America.” He co-wrote the Gibbs Smith book “Trailer Travel” and also writes a regular column for RV Magazine called “Trailer Tribe.” He owns many vintage trailers, and his backyard could pass for a trailer park.

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