The travel industry is rated by consumers in a new Gallup poll as in the Top 10 of 25 business sectors, with a 40 percent positive rating and a 21 percent negative rating.

That No. 9 ranking should come as good news to the RV park and campground business which is contained within the broad travel category.

Americans continue to give the computer industry the most positive ratings out of 25 business and industry sectors tested, with the restaurant industry in second place. The oil and gas industry and the federal government have the least positive images, as they did last year.

Survey results appear below, starting with the question:

Gallup has asked Americans each August since 2001 to indicate whether they have positive or negative views of a list of business and industry sectors. The 2012 update is from Gallup’s Aug. 9-12 Work and Education survey.

Five of the six highest-rated business and industry sectors, according to their net positive scores, are related to either the computer or the food sector of the economy. The one exception is the “retail” industry, which is in third place this year. The images of both the oil and gas industry and the federal government have improved this year compared with last, but they remain at the bottom of the list (above).

The travel industry dropped two percentage points from the 2011 survey.

The cause of the oil and gas industry’s bad image is most likely the frequent and sometimes inexplicably large spikes in the price of gas. At the time of this survey, in fact, the price of gas was on the rise. Plus, the oil and gas industry may get dinged by some Americans for its perceived poor environmental record.

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