Many people think back with fond memories of the old tree fort where many childhood years were spent in a world of fantasy. Modern builders and arborists are working to bring fantasy to reality with full size tree houses meant for living rather than play, according to Mobile Rving’s The Buzz.

“I built my first treehouse in 2003,” said Dan Wright of Tree Top Builders. “I guess I could go back further, my dad built one when I was a kid, but that wasn’t in a tree. Through high school and college, I worked at a number of youth camps and we sent kids on ziplines, up climbing walls, and on backpacking and canoeing trips. I ended up working as a carpenter after college, and I put the outdoors together with carpentry and decided to give it a go.

“The market is changing for us, I would say that the first five to eight years I was building 95% backyard playhouses,” he continued. “They would be 100-150 square feet, not enough to live in. Then the market shifted, and we got more and more requests for ones that you could stay in and rent out. We got more requests for electricity and plumbing. Seems like the last two years, most of our jobs are still backyard tree houses, but most of our time has been spent on bigger rentable tree houses with kitchens and a bathroom.”

The growth of the tree house market has been fueled not only by individuals wanting novel accommodations, but also by campsites looking for a competitive edge.

“A typical customer knows that tree houses are going to fetch a higher rental rate than a cabin. What they want guidance on is utilities and how to make it work for them”, Wright stated.

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