Travel As the autumn season wanes, all focus shifts to the holidays, and Tripadvisor’s new Winter Travel Index researches where U.S. travelers are heading for the season, according to Lodging.

The final installment of the Tripadvisor Travel Index for 2021, which is based on first-party site data and consumer sentiment data, reveals that over half (55%) of U.S. travelers report that they are planning a trip this winter. This is up from 50% of those who traveled in this time in 2020 but still lags behind the 63% who hit the road in 2019.

Notably, 24% of U.S. travelers are still undecided about winter trips. Only about a third (30%) have already booked their trip, but three-quarters (74%) of those who haven’t yet are waiting until November or December to do so. The industry may see significantly more travelers hit the road as the coldest season further approaches.

Although the vast majority (94%) of travelers will remain domestic, U.S. travelers are looking to broaden their horizons and experience new things this winter, as more than a third (37%) are planning to travel somewhere they haven’t been before and over a third (42%) have booked a tour or activity.

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