The Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA)  Mallard Creek Campground in Lawrence County, Ala., will be under new management when it opens for the 2013 season.

Mallard Creek is one of four TVA campgrounds that will be leased to commercial management companies. It is the only one located in Alabama, the Moulton Advertiser reported. The lease will be for 30 years.

Mallard Creek is a popular campground that many people in Lawrence County use often. There are several campsites that can be rented for an entire season. These campsites do not include those on the water. Currently, campers may stay at a campsite directly on the water for 21 days.

According to James Adams with TVA, the campground cannot be turned into an exclusive or private facility. It must remain open for public use. Obviously the management company will have to make a profit so the rates will no doubt change as will some of the current guidelines. He also expects there will be upgrades to facilities at Mallard Creek.

Currently Mallard Creek is not open all year. It opens in the spring and this year it will close on Nov. 15, Adams said. He expects the new management company with a lease will want to keep the facility open year round starting next year.

Adams said the management company would be responsible for all repairs and maintenance including maintaining the sand beach in the picnic area.

“In mid-November, TVA will list on its website all the necessary requirements that must met for a company to make a lease proposal for management at Mallard Creek,” Adams said. “Companies interested in the lease can submit proposal to TVA.”

He said the management company must outline future plans for the facility including upgrades it expects to make and how Mallard Creek will be managed. TVA has more property at Mallard Creek so the campground can be expanded. Any expansion plans will have to be approved by TVA. Adams also expects that companies must prove they have the financial backing to enter into a long-lease.

Some of the things that TVA will require will include insurance and length of stay requirements. TVA will also require the campground be closed for two weeks every year for inspection.

Currently there are 56 campsites at Mallard Creek all with electricity and water hook ups. The campgrounds also has bathrooms with showers, picnic area, sand beach and swimming area, boat ramp and a dump station for sewage.

The management agreements and lease requirements are being handled by Russelly Smith at TVA headquarters in Knoxville. He can be reached at (865) 632-2436; Fax: (865) 632-4223; or Email: [email protected]