RRM-CLM Services LLC, formed through the merger of Recreation Resource Management (RRM) and California Land Management (CLM), is changing its name to Vista Recreation.

Vista Recreation is a private company that partners with public agencies at the federal, state and local level to operate campgrounds and recreation areas under long-term concession agreements. The company operates campgrounds, day-use areas, cabins, wilderness areas and marinas in over 500 locations in 13 states. The company has over 800 contract years of experience operating public recreation areas and served nearly 10 million visitors in 2021. Vista Recreation will continue to be headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz.

“We are excited with our new combined company name of Vista Recreation,” said Warren Meyer, president of Vista Recreation. “We chose the new name both as a tribute to the beautiful public lands on which we operate, but also as a callout to the opportunities we see to help shape new frontiers in public recreation in the 21st century.”

Vista Recreation partners with a variety of public agencies, including the U.S. Forest Service; the Tennessee Valley Authority; the Corps of Engineers; State Parks agencies in California, Alabama and Michigan; the Lower Colorado River Authority; and cities and counties across the country. Its roots are in the private operation of public recreation areas but the company has evolved into a total solutions provider for recreation lands, bringing expertise and private capital to the challenges of refurbishing and expanding aging recreation areas and adding new amenities such as cabins that make these parks relevant to more of the public.