Tropical Storm Irene has had “a devastating effect” on the private campgrounds in Vermont and at least two have suffered “total flooding,” according to a report from Peter Daniels, executive director of the Vermont Campground Association (VCA).

“Camping on the Battenkill in Arlington will not be able to access the damage until the river recedes. They may not be able to open this fall,” Daniels told Woodall’s Campground Management.

“Abel Mountain in Braintree has also suffered severe damage when the river flooded the campground and destroyed their office and bathhouses. All the utilities will need rebuilding. They may not be even able to open next year,” he said.

Other campgrounds are working desperately to reopen in time for the upcoming Labor Day weekend:

  • Horseshoe Acres in Andover has already brought in heavy equipment and outside contractors to open up for the weekend.
  • Rivers Bend in Middlebury saw half of its campground flooded, including the bathhouse and laundry, but is now open and ready for the weekend.

“The remainder of our 74 member campgrounds across the state remain open for business,” he said. “Some are working to clean up flooding over parts of the campground or cleaning up downed trees, but are ready for visitors. There may be roads closed to some of these campgrounds, so campers should call ahead for up to date information on road conditions.”

Daniels added, “I am in the process of contacting media outlets with the help of Jeff Crider of ARVC in order to get the word out that most of the Vermont campgrounds will be open for the Labor Day Weekend.”

Those who will be closed or partially closed may want to consider their refund policy.

“One suggestion might be to offer an ‘Irene Coupon’ or ‘rain check’ for free camping when you are open again,” he noted.