TXAD Internet has proactively installed software on the websites of its campground and RV park clients to protect them from lawsuits targeting their compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, according to Brian Schaeffer, president of TXAD Internet.

“We have installed software on all of our clients’ websites that will help make them more compatible with ADA guidelines,” he explained.

TXAD Internet has installed UserWay software on its clients’ websites, which allows for improved website navigation and website use for people with disabilities. Although the software itself is available for free online, TXAD Internet proactively installed it on each of its clients’ websites and absorbed the labor costs.

“This software gives disabled people the ability to increase the font sizes of text on the website,” Schaeffer said. “The software also has the ability to read website content to them out loud.”

TXAD Internet also provided its clients with a website accessibility statement that is posted on their site. The statement indicates that the park owner is taking steps to provide a website with greater accessibility in accordance with ADA requirements.

For park operators who want to provide higher levels of accessibility, TXAD Internet is able to deploy a more sophisticated accessibility software through an Israeli company called accessiBE.com for a very modest annual fee, explained Schaeffer.

He said TXAD Internet has extensively researched the issue of ADA website compliance, noting U.S. government websites have to meet specific standards for website accessibility, but fixed standards for the business community are not nearly so clear.

For more information, please call (817) 426-9395 or visit TXAD Internet online at https://txadinternet.com.