Glamping has just gone a whole lot more space-age – because you can now stay in a flying saucer apartment.

This UFO holiday home in Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom, comes with flashing LED lights and a smoke and fog machine – which will look very atmospheric at night, according The Sun.

There’s even steps which drop down via a remote control to let earthlings inside.

Owner Toby Rhys-Jones said the UFO took three years and £100,000 ($139,639) to build, but is now ready for sci-fi-loving guests wanting their own alien adventure.

The UFO is tucked away and sits alongside a converted jet plane which you can also stay in.

“I love the idea of offering people a really unique experience and this is it,” said Rhys-Jones. “The flying saucer has a TV, space invaders retro gaming, plasma ball and a lava lamp. It even has computer games and a yucca plant inspired by (the movie) ET.”

It sleeps four people and has a themed room complete with an electric escape hatch, a double pod-style bed and two single beds, as well as a microwave and kettle.

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