About The White House | The White HouseTop U.S. government officials are considering requiring everyone who enters the country to be tested for Covid-19 the day before their flight and having all travelers — including U.S. citizens and permanent residents — be tested again after returning home, regardless of vaccination status, sources familiar with the discussions have told CNN.

Officials were deliberating the potential changes Tuesday night and no final decisions have been made, but an announcement could come as soon as this week. Currently, vaccinated travelers are required to test three days before their departures. The move under consideration would shorten that timeline to one day.

Mandatory quarantine for U.S. citizens returning home is not under consideration, according to a White House official.

“The administration continues to evaluate the appropriate measures to protect the American people from COVID-19, especially as we learn more about the Omicron variant, including considering more stringent testing requirements for international travel. Policy discussions are ongoing across the government and no final decisions have been made,” a White House official told CNN.

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