While there are no signs up yet, Moore’s Springs Campground and Mountain Bike Trails in North Carolina are officially closed, according to former director Tony McGee, the Stokes News reported.

The tourist attraction, started in 2009, featured nine miles of mountain biking trails and a campground facility that frequently served as an overflow site for nearby Hanging Rock State Park during peak seasons.

McGee said the facility had been closed for about a month, after he received a letter from North Carolina State University (NCSU), which owns the property. Moore’s Springs is part of the same tract of land that includes Camp Sertoma, although the two facilities have operated semi-independently in the past.

“With the closure of our facility we have had to close down everything that goes with it,” said Camp Sertoma Director Keith Russell. “We had to close everything down.

“We still have a few staff that are maintaining the facilities,” he added, noting that well, septic, and fire alarm systems are still running at both properties. “We have been told to do this until a decision was made on the facilities.”

According to Russell, McGee operated the Moore’s Springs facility under a memorandum of understanding with NCSU.

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