Although supportive of other proposed changes, many homeowner association members at The Refuge Golf & Country Club in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., remain leery of an upscale RV park coming to their development.

Jerry and Cindy Aldridge, of Civic Center Executive Plaza, disclosed the plans for the golf course to the association members during a 90-minute presentation Saturday (Oct. 31), according to Today’s News-Herald, Lake Havasu City.

The presentation was a courtesy to the homeowners in the area who have no say or vote in the process, said Rodger Delk, president of The Refuge homeowners association and five-year resident.

One homeowner disagrees, saying the housing development residents do have a voice.

“I think it is evident that families and investors were sold a plan that encompassed an Arnold Palmer signature golf course and an exclusive, beautiful environment,” said Lori Perry (Sejka), a California woman who purchased her Refuge home in January.

Perry said a number of homeowners plan to get together and explore legal options that would give the Refuge residents a say in the matter.

“Just because Mr. Aldridge said so, doesn’t make it so … there has got to be a happy medium,” Perry said.

The presentation included details of altering and shortening the golf course. Although the course will remain an 18-hole venue, it will lose its Arnold Palmer signature golf course status, Delk said. The loss of the course’s exclusive status and the location of 275 RV park sites dominated homeowners’ concerns.

“Nobody likes the idea of having motorhomes in there,” Delk said. He said the motorhome sites are “very, very high-end and upscale” areas and include landscaping, lakes and colored concrete.

The RV resort park location is set for the southeast portion of the property just inside the south gated entrance of the development. Homeowners’ concerns are that they will enter the development and see RVs on the right and on the left, Delk said.

According to county documents, the south RV area is about 24.72 acres and the east RV area is 17.26 acres. The sites will not be rented or sold and are an amenity to be used by club members. Spaces adjacent to an existing lake will be 85-by-40 feet with the remainder of the spaces measuring 75-by-40-feet.

A Mohave County Development Services representative said the RV park plan is currently undergoing staff review and will require a discretionary approval, according to an e-mail.

Developers are not required to mail notification letters to surrounding property owners but only post notification to the general public of the proposed plan adoption, according to the e-mail.

About 120 homeowners were at Saturday’s presentation representing 147 lots. There were roughly 25 in attendance with concerns, the HOA president said.

“It went well,” Delk said of the meeting. “By a show of hands, more than half were supportive.”

The Refuge’s $25 million, five-year redevelopment plan encompasses a ballroom, patio villas, three resort pools, fitness center, spa and tennis courts. It also would include a 300-seat, state-of-the-art live entertainment theater and private membership.

The country club will remain closed for redevelopment and will re-open Jan. 2 as a private club.

Calls to Jerry Aldridge were not returned Sunday.