A middle-aged man wearing khaki cargo shorts, flip-flops and a St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap wheeled a golf cart into the parking lot of The Outpost and disappeared inside.

He emerged a few minutes later carrying two bags of ice and a small sack of groceries.

“Glad this place is here,” he yelled from the passing cart without slowing down. “Always seem to need something.”

As reported by USA Today, the Outpost is the camp store that services Hillman Ferry, a 374-site campground that’s scattered along nearly 900 acres of rolling, timbered, postcard-pretty Kentucky Lake/Tennessee River shoreline. Earlier this month, during the Independence Day weekend, every site was occupied and the campground took on the look and feel of a self-contained small town, albeit one with an idyllic personality and a through-the-looking-glass persona.

On a quiet, post-holiday weekday afternoon about half the campsites were filled. Their occupants were a mixed bag: Families with young children. Apparent long-time retirees. Every age group in between.

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