Greg Sullenberger converted a municipal bus into a Star Wars-themed RV.

Rather than fork over big bucks for a new camper with all the bells and whistles, travel enthusiasts and do-it-yourself fanatics are taking a different approach: buying used municipal vehicles and turning them into refurbished motorhomes, according to the Latrobe Bulletin.

Greg Sullenberger, of Ligonier Township, Pa., falls into this category.

The former Pennsylvania State Police trooper, who now works as a traffic collision reconstructionist, had long considered purchasing a used bus and converting it into an RV for travel.

“I was on municibid.com looking at buses,” Sullenberger recalled. “My wife happened to walk in and said, ‘oh, are we buying a bus?’ and I said ‘maybe.’ I told her that the starting bids I was seeing were around $4,000 to $5,000, and she said that the next time there’s one somewhat local, let her know.

“We’ve had campers in the past and we had been thinking about the possibility of buying a bus and converting it into a mobile home.”

A month or so later, Sullenberger saw a bus in Gettysburg for auction on the website with an opening bid of just $1,000.

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