Box Elder County Commissioners in northern Utah made the decision Monday (March 1) to scrap plans for an RV park to be built at the Box Elder County Fairgrounds, according to the Tremonton Leader.

Commissioners said they would receive $175,000 from Ruby Pipeline to build the park, which Ruby workers would be using for at least seven months while construciton of the pipeline is taking place in the county. Commissioners thought that amount would cover the full costs, but after further investigation and working with Tremonton City officials, they realized the cost would actually be closer to $450,000, with the difference being paid for by the county.

“As is not uncommon, other costs have reared their ugly heads,” County Commissioner Rich VanDyke said. “We’re in difficult times, and whether we eschew this or not, those economic difficulties need to be considered.”

Both commissioners Jay Hardy and Brian Shaffer gave their input, recommending the county scrap the project.

“There’s no way that Box Elder County would be willing to put out $450,000 and recover $175,000,” Hardy said. “It would be my recommendation that we drop the project.”

Shaffer added, “I’m sorry the project has become out of reach for us. There were some aspects that could have been good, but at this current price, I agree with the other commissioners that it is too high and we probably shouldn’t go forward with it.

The commission unanimously approved a motion to drop the project.