Lily Ward, 9 (from left), Frank Ward, 7, and his twin sister Gracie Ward, 7, hang out with their father, Jimmy Ward, all of Roanoke, Va., in a tent that can be rented at Explore Park.

Roanoke County, Va., is seeking to purchase a piece of land to expand its outdoor camping offerings at Explore Park, according to The Roanoke Times.

The county wants to acquire two acres on Chestnut Ridge Road, right off Rutrough Road, from the landowner willing to sell the property. The plan is to turn the land into a campground for RVs or other camping structures, Doug Blount, director of parks, recreation and tourism, told the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday (Nov. 19).

Explore Park currently has a campground with yurts and cabins that are equipped with heating and air conditioning, but not water and sewage. People can book spots at that campground for RVs, but the park is looking to fill it out with cabins and establish a separate RV site.

Blount said the camping options offered have been well received. He said there are often RVs visiting throughout the year, including in colder weather.

“We’ve had a good number of our weekends sold out since last Memorial Day,” Blount said.

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