County of Warren A Warren County, Va., property owner’s proposed events center on his family farm faces opposition from neighbors in Browntown, according to The Northern Virginia Daily.

On Wednesday (Nov. 10), the Planning Commission has scheduled public hearings for conditional use permits to operate a commercial campground and a rural events center on property at 2905 Gooney Manor Loop.

The applicant also seeks permits for the same two uses on adjacent properties on Wellspring Road. Edwin Wright owns the properties and applied for the permits. All properties are zoned agriculture and located in the South River Magisterial District.

The commission plans to hold separate public hearings on each permit application.

Information provided by the Department of Planning and Zoning indicates that Wright wants to operate a commercial campground and a rural events facility on his family’s farm in Browntown. The Dryer Farm LP, also listed as an applicant, operates on a 154-acre property used mainly for cattle grazing and hay-making.

The owner has stated that, in lieu of exercising the right to subdivide the property, Wright would instead like to use the farm to preserve the land through agritourism and hold events. The applicant plans to use the existing barn and may build a pavilion with an amphitheater, a small store with camping supplies and bathroom facilities.

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