Freedom Fest , in its fourth year, attracted more than 4,000 people looking to support the Wounded Warriors Project.

When Joe Murray, Dan Murray, and Gloria Shepherd invested in buying a campground in rural Virginia in 2006, they never could’ve envisioned the response they’d get from an event they’d host there, according to a press release.

Attendees at Freedom Fest — a weekend of events supporting the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) at Stoney Creek Resort and Campground in Greenville, Va. — raised more than $67,000 recently for injured veterans and their families.

“I can’t think about it without tears coming to my eyes,” Joe said. “It all comes down to the young men and women who go overseas and fight for our country. They deserve to be able to come back and be respected and helped in any way that we can.”

This was the fourth Freedom Fest and the event has grown to welcome more than 4,000 participants who share Joe, Dan, and Gloria’s passion for honoring our nation’s military.

“It humbles you in every way imaginable,” Gloria said. “When they realize you’re jumping in with two feet, people tend to follow.”

Scott and Debbie Belcher help coordinate Freedom Fest, which draws people from hundreds of miles away.

“I feel that America, maybe now more than ever, supports our brave military and wants to honor and help those who have served to keep us free,” Scott said.

Marine veteran Dan Miller has participated in the past two Freedom Fests.

“You can feel the patriotism in the air with these people,” Miller said. “They’re so genuine and caring. It touches my heart as a veteran.”

One hundred percent of the donations at the event support wounded veterans and their families.

“This is the best way we can give back to those who gave everything but the ultimate sacrifice,” Joe said.

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