The staff of the Vancouver, British Columbia, park board is assuring Point Grey residents that a plan to set up RV parks at Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks near their homes during the 2010 Olympics is nothing to worry about, according to the Georgia Straight, Vancouver. 

The parking-lot campers are expected to be good neighbors, won’t make a lot of noise and will be inside their trailers for most evenings after spending the day out at the Games, according to Philip Josephs, manager of revenue services for the park board. 

Josephs was responding to a letter by Phyllis Tyers, president of the North West Point Grey Home Owners’ Association, which identified the residents’ concerns to Mayor Gregor Robertson and members of the city council. 

Another resident, Larrie Bongie, has written the mayor to express astonishment to the scale of the plan, which would allow 365 RVs into the parking lots of Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks for three weeks in February. 

“Why so many huge RVs?” Bongie asked the mayor in his letter. “In terms of day-and-night traffic and human commotion what will be the effect of suddenly dumping 365 temporary dwellings and perhaps as many as 1,200-1,500 ready-to-party transient residents into Vancouver’s world-famous ‘quiet’ beach-park area?” 

The plan will be considered by park board commissioners on Monday (July 20).