As private parks become increasingly pet friendly, companies that supply the campgrounds, RV parks and resorts with products and services are broadening their range of pet related products.

Consider Jamestown Advanced Products.

The Jamestown, N.Y.-based company recently added a dog park product line.

“We provide everything you need to furnish a fully functioning dog park,” said Shari Eckman, Jamestown’s director of marketing.

That includes dog agility and training equipment, tire jumps, pet waste disposal equipment and related supplies. Jamestown also supplies dog owner resting benches, which can be seen along with other pet products at www.jamestownadvanced.com.

“Our dog owner resting benches have a dog bone design incorporated into the back of the bench,” Eckman said.

Jamestown’s owners, Lee and Wendi Lodestro, have a particular affinity for dogs. They have two schnauzers.

Eckman said catering to people with dogs also makes good business sense. “Happy dogs make for happy campers,” she said.

Rabbit Hash, Ky.-based Intelligent Products Inc., which sells degradable pet waste collection products through its distributors and through its website at www.MuttMitt.com, is also seeing rising demand for its products, which it sells to campgrounds as well as cities and municipal parks, said Emily Rombach, the company’s marketing manager.

Founded in 1989, Intelligent Products sells degradable waste bags, dispensers, receptacles and signage. The company introduced a new compostable version of its pet waste collection tool in August, which it calls the “Bio-Mitt.” The Bio-Mitt is ASTM D6400 compliant.

“We’re looking for another good year,” Rombach said, adding, “I think people are becoming more environmentally conscious and more responsible about picking up after their pets.”

Orlando, Fla.-based DogiPot, which supplies oxo-biodegradable bags, is also anticipating another strong year, said Linda Rosado, DogiPot’s marketing and brand manager. She added that the company plans to attend the upcoming ARVC’s Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

“We do the ARVC show every year and we always get great responses there,” she said.

DogiPot, which has been in business since 1994, launched a new Header Pak dispensing system for dog waste bags last year, which dispenses bags like tissues out of a tissue box. DogiPot’s product lineup includes pet waste stations, oxo-biodegradable bags, trash receptacles and signage. More information is available at www.dogipot.com.